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from Maha Shivaratri festival, Angalamman Temple, Kaveripattinam. gaken during “The Mayana Soora Thiruvizha” festival takes place every March in the small village of Kaveripattinam the day after Mahashivarathiri (The great night of Shiva). The festival is devoted to Angalamman, a fierce guardian deity worshipped widely in Southern India.

❝ Anonymous asked: i think grantaire would love watching mmfd

ohhhhhhhhhh, yes, he totally would, and he’d love rae so much

(i like to think he cried for a whole night after the scene of rae telling her child-self that she’s beautiful and perfect the way she is)


fighting art block with exR doodles


fighting art block with exR doodles



Rating: Explicit

Pairing: Enjolras/Grantaire


It’s after three months that Enjolras wants to change this. He wants to have sex with Grantaire and he wants to know if Grantaire wants to have sex with him and the only thing stopping him is the potential answer “yes”.

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❝ crackjolras asked: Oh my god 100% yes to the R-in-lace-panties story! Just the thought of enj and R cuddling with sweaters and lace panties is adorable! ;;

aw aw aw yes it is, they are both in cuddly, ridiculously oversized sweaters and now enjolras also has a nice excuse to trail his fingers around r’s hips and play with the lace on r’s pretty green panties (complimentary colors, enjolras is so proud of himself for that)…and there’s lots of smooching going on, coz how can there not be smooching going on when they both look so delicious in little lace panties uwu

'…bail you out of jail? again?'

grantaire seriously reconsidering his life choices at four in the morning. having a relationship with the love of your life sure is a lot of fun.

'…bail you out of jail? again?'

grantaire seriously reconsidering his life choices at four in the morning. having a relationship with the love of your life sure is a lot of fun.

❝ Anonymous asked: please never stop drawing enjolras wearing lingerie (please never stop drawing in general)

i won’t, don’t worry, anon, i am too invested to ever stop haha

❝ crackjolras asked: I really adore your enj in lingerie, but what about R in red lingerie? Wearing those cute, hot, red lace panties for enjolras' pleasure, looking damn hot ~

ohhh, yes, ahhh, yes!

okok i actually have a headcanon for this, not that i need a particular reason to put anyone in lingerie, but there is a reason why r would end up cute lil lace panties. i mean i already mentioned how enjolras wears cute panties all the time, coz he likes them, but also coz he knows r enjoys the view a lot (who wouldn’t?). what he doesnt know is that r would love to try wearing lingerie himself, but he feels weird about mentioning it. maybe he’s a bit embarrassed and self conscious…coz nothing can rly compare to the sight of enjolras in lingerie, and r is actually okay with his body, he knows he’s probably not what people’s wet dreams are made of (he’s however what enjolras’ wet dreams are made of, but that’s another story), but yeah wearing lingerie would draw a lot of attention to his body and he doesn’t think he’d actually look good in that stuff…
…so yeah, he doesn’t say anything, just appreciates it whenever enjolras greets him with a new pair on. Until they end up in bed on time, just cuddling, and grantaire playing with lace around enjolras’ hips again and enjolras asks all innocently

'so you like them?'

'i think that's quite obvious.'

'…Do you wanna try them on?'


and grantaire wants to say something self depreciating, but enjolras looks so expectant, biting his lips and his eyes are all please say yes please please please

'Ok, i mean, if you want me to…' 

and enjolras is up immediately, smiling brightly. ‘Wonderful, coz i actually also brought you a pair…okay, i might have brought you more than one pair, but i wasn’t sure if you wanted them in red, since you seem to like green more and that’s nice too, i mean, wouldn’t that be complimentary to my red panties? you know more about color than i do, but i’m sure you’ll look great in red…or green, or blue for that matter, coz i rly couldn’t decide…’

'oh my god, enjolras, you actually planned this'

ok sorry you weren’t asking for my rambles, but the point is, grantaire also ends up cute little lace panties, and yes, there will pictures of it c:

I didn’t see you there, forgive me